The Chess Challenge began in 1996 and was an immediate success with 700 schools entering, involving approximately 23,000 children. Competitor figures have continued to rise substantially. The structure of the tournament is simple - allowing the most inexperienced players to compete in the early stages, yet testing the mettle of the finest at the end.

Sponsored by Delancey, the UK Schools’ Chess Challenge begins every Spring Term, and continues over four stages and eight months. In the first stage children compete week by week in schools all over the UK. Every child is able to win prizes, whether badges, gold spots, mascots, trophies and even baseball caps, so every child has something to play for.

Chess is one of the most enjoyable and exciting ways for children to learn how to develop and improve their logical and abstract thinking, their decision-making skills and creativity, and Delancey is delighted to support it through sponsorship of the UK Schools’ Chess Challenge.

Sarah Hegarty, CEO of the Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge comments “I am delighted to have taken over the UK Schools Chess Challenge and thoroughly grateful for Delancey's support. It was my first ever competition back in 1996 and it opened lots of doors for me. The new team plans to expand the challenge and give more children the opportunity to enjoy chess in a fun and exciting environment."

In addition to the annual Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge, Delancey and East Village have also actively supported the charity Chess in Schools & the Community and in Spring 2013 sponsored chess boards and tutorage in schools throughout Newham.