At Delancey our investment strategies are based on an approach we call knowledgeable opportunism. We look for opportunities that require us to move fast and negotiate hard. But the decision to move on any opportunity is based on many years’ experience and the way in which we exploit it is carefully considered.

We develop a specific strategy for each investment opportunity - putting in place the most appropriate corporate and capital structures. The company’s open organisation, together with the expertise that we’ve built up in key areas enables us to achieve this balance of speed and rigour.

We only become involved with investments that meet strict criteria in terms of the underlying quality of the assets, liquidity, stability of cash flows, and capital growth potential. Every investment is selected with a view to holding it for the long term, so that we can then take a decision on the optimum time to exit.

Delancey’s background in property has enabled us to develop a network of contacts that gives us access to knowledge and opportunities ahead of the rest of the market. Our connections also hopefully gives us access to sources of third party finance that enable our investors to leverage significant buying power.